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Moong Dal Gud #Barfi I Gud ki Barfi IHow to make Moong Dal Barfi with Jaggery I Moong Dal Barfi

Moong Dal Gud #Barfi 
Moong Dal Gud Barfi is an Authentic Protein Bars .It is a protein bar as it is made up of moong dal as main ingredient which has high protein.
Let us start with:---
Ingredients:--- 5-6 Tbsp(1/3 cup) Moong dal 4 Tbsp (1/4 cup) urad dal 5-6 Tbsp (1/3 cup) besan(gram flour) 1 and 1/2 cup jaggery powder( chopped jaggery) 2/3 cup(10 Tbsp)ghee 5-6 Tbsp (1/3 cup) milk powder 1/4 tsp cardamom powder few almonds


First take a mixing bowl.Add Moong Dal and Urad Dal . Wash dal properly and soak in water for 2-3 hours. After 3 hours ,take out water and transfer it in a blender. Add besan in the blender and blend it to a thick paste. Now take a nonstick pan. Heat over low flame. Add first 8 Tbsp ghee in a pan. Transfer dal paste in that hot pan and keep stirring. Keep stirring for 15minutes then add 2 more Tbsp of ghee . Keep stirring.Side by side boil 1 and half cup of water in pan.Add 1 and 1/2 cup of jaggery powder or chopped jaggery. You can decrease or increase jaggery according t…

Instant Mango pudding in just 10 minutes IHow to make Mango pudding without cream I No Bake Cake

Instant Mango #pudding in just 10 minutes IHow to make #Mango pudding without cream I No Bake #Cake

How to make instant mango pudding in just 10 minutes.Easy and Quick Mango Cake or pudding recipe without cream and sugar.Its a Healthy pudding without fats and sugar.You can make it again and again.This you can Mango pudding you can try it in Birthday party.
Normally in pudding tons of sugar and fats are infused that no doubt gives yummy taste but after that we have to workout for long hours .In all my recipes you will love to see healthy version either cakes ,icecreams or authentic sweets.
Lets us start with ingredients:
Ingredients: 4 whole wheat bread slices1/2 cup curd 
(thick hung curd
2 Tbsp milk powder2 Tbsp honey1/2 cup mango juice2-3 drops vanilla essence1/2 cup chopped mangoesMethod:
First cut sides of bread slicesThen blend mangoes in the blender and transfer it in a bowl.Add 1/4 cup curd in the mango paste.Add 1 Tbsp milk powder in the mango paste mixture and 1 Tbsp in the 1/4 cu…

Eggless Rava Red Jaggery Cake Recipe /Red Cake /Rava Jaggery Cake/Healthy Cake

Eggless Red Rava Jaggery Cake Recipe

Cake ,heart of all celebrations has a special place.We all have  unusual excuses for having cake.Be it birthday ,midday snacks,or breakfast,cake in different flavours like strawberry,butterscotch,chocolate are always in demand.
Basic earlier cake was made up of only all-purpose flour.But lots of healthy version of scrumptious is available nowadays.I have used healthy version Rava/Suji as base of the cake. I have tried many cakes.
Whole Wheat Dates Walnut Cake
Carrot Cake
Oats Cake
Multigrain Cake
This time I have this innovative version
Let us start
Ingredients:---- Here 1 bowl =1 cup /15-16 Tbsp 1 bowl suji / Rava1/2 bowl curd1/2 bowl milk1/4 bowl oil/butter1 medium beetroot(1/2 bowl chopped beetroot) 1 tsp baking powder2/8 tsp(2 pinch) baking soda2-3 drops vanilla essencefew almondsfew chopped walnuts3/4 bowl jaggery powder 1 tsp flaxseedMethod:---
First add Rawa in a mixing bowl.Add curd in bowl and mix with Rawa and keep it aside for 10 minutes.Take beetroo…

Oats Dates Jaggery Ladoo with Gondh/Immunity Booster Balls/Low fat healthy sweet.

#Oats #Dates #Jaggery #Ladoo with Gondh/Gum.How to make ladoos without sugar and with very fewer fats.

Ladoo is very special sweet of all Indian Family Celebration, This ladoo is not only prepared in festivals but in every season. Ingredients of Ladoo is planned according to season. Like winters ladoos are made especially of Til. For new moms, Ladoos are made of Gondh.
For kids Ladoos are made to boost up the immunity and give them protein, fats do enhance their energy.
Nowadays in corona time, we need one ladoo to give us energy, protein plus boost our immunity as well. So, this Ladoo has all power. But the best part of this Oats Dates Jaggery Ladoo is that in this I have not used sugar and very less ghee is used.
Let us start with  -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingredients:
*1 bowl oats  * 1 bowl whole wheat flour * 2 bowls jaggery powder or  1 and  1/2 bowl chopped jaggery * 1 tsp powder Gondh/Gum * 1 tsp flaxseed * 1 tsp sesame seeds * 1/4 tsp khus-khus * 1/…