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#Baked Gujia without sugar/Mawa #Baked Gujia / Easy Homemade Gujia /#Healthy Gujia with no guilt

#Baked Gujia Without Sugar/Mawa #Baked Gujia /Easy Homemade Gujia /#Healthy Gujia with no guilt #Baked Gujia without sugar Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets. And homemade festivals sweets are the USP of complete celebrations. The whole family wait for the festivals to relish the flavour of Indian traditional food. Indian food is cooked according to the seasons. And the festivals dishes give health benefits as they are cooked with all those ingredients that will help in boosting immunity and strength to deal with the change of seasons. Here I m not discussing what to eat in which season. But Surely want to thank our traditional food that always protects us from all ups and downs. So our favourite Gujia is the best traditional example. In some places it is cooked on Holi like in North India, some on Diwali. Let us start with  INGREDIENTS:--- 250 gm All-purpose flour 100gm whole wheat flour 1 bowl  chopped dry fig/ anjeer 1 (5-6) bowl  chopped dates