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Digestive Biscuit Dates ball/Digestive Biscuit Khajur Ladoo

Digestive Biscuit Dates Ball/Biscuit Kajur Ladoo

Digestive Biscuit Dates Ball is a healthy balls with fibers,protein,iron and with  no sugar and no extra ghee or butter  and even no cooking over flame..This Rakshabandhan surprise everyone with this full of power balls,that are crunchy ,nutty and soft.

Digestive biscuits are full of fibers and give your balls crunch .And dates adds sweetness and health...Dry fruits give nutty flavour plus more health ....Whenever I cook ladoos I was always in a urge to try something more healthy,......with less ghee or butter,Always searching any better version of #energyballs which will taste yummy plus nutty and give lot of fillings due to presence of fibers with less fats. So,result is Digestive biscuit dates balls ....

Let us start with :---
Ingredients:--- 1 packet digestive biscuit1/2 packet parle -G biscuit1 bowl dates without seeds.(soaked in water for 30 mins)few almondsfew cashewsfew pistachios1tsp khus-khus1/4 tsp nutmeg2 Tbsp milk powder2 Tbsp m…

Oreo Walnut Choco Fudge

Oreo Walnut Choco Fudge
The moist,juicy very soft cake all dreams to just have one just one spoon in their mouth. My son always demands "Mom can u order just one chocolate pastry just one please"..I always convince him and create something more appealing, but today he was not ready to listen. But I was not in a mood to order outside food this rainy season.

Now, Guess what?Ya...I formulated this recipe with ingredients that were available at home ..And the result is 
Now let us start with,----
Ingredients:----- 150 gm oreo biscuit packet1 egg1 tsp baking powderpinch of cinnamon3 to 4 walnutsfew flax seeds5 Tbsp sugar1 bowl water1/4 tsp vanilla essence2- 3 Tbsp milk1 Tbsp coco powderChocolate spread(used Harshelley's spread here)How to prepare:----- First, crush biscuits with hand and transfer it in a blenderAdd egg,cinnamon powder,baking powder,flaxseed,walnuts,coco powder, vanilla essence and 2 Tbsp sugar.Blend for 2 minutesMix it with a spoon and add milk.Blend for 2 more min…

Creamy Paneer Korma/Cottage cheese in white gravy

Creamy Paneer Korma
(healthy quick recipe with less oil and no cream)

Paneer is all comfort food...This white cheesy paneer always comes first in the mind when finalizing menu of any party or celebration...I always in thirst of the new recipe of paneer so that all enjoy the taste and its health benefits....This recipe is creamy but no cream is added...So, fewer calories more health...

Let us start with :------

Time:20 minutes Serving: 4
Ingredients:-- 250 gm paneer/cottage cheese6 roughly chopped onions5 -6 garlic cloveschopped small ginger3-4 whole black pepper1  black big cardamon2 green cardamom2 medium-size green chilliesa handful of cashewsSalt to taste1 cup curd1 cup milk2 glass of water1 Tbsp cooking oil
How to prepare:------ Add water in a pan and keep it over medium flame.Now add chopped onionsAdd garlic cloves, green chillies, chopped ginger.Add black cardamom,few green cardamoms,black peppers and cashews. Cover it and cook for 5 to 8 minutes.Switch off the flame.Strain it and let it …