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Ragi Barfi/Ragi Fudge Brownie

  RAGI BARFI/RAGI FUDGE BROWNIE Ragi Barfi Ragi /Nachni is a superfood wholesome grain. Ragi is  a rich source of  fiber  and helps lower cholesterol level. - Ragi is best food for weight control,  diabetes  and a cooling the body. There's a lot of interest in ancient grains these days. Before the 1950s, whole grains such as barley, brown rice, amaranth and ragi were staples in our traditional diet after which rice took over completely. A whole grain is one which contains all three parts of the kernel - the bran, germ and endosperm while refined grains are processed to retain only the endosperm. This makes whole grains healthier as they contain the fiber-dense bran and along with other essential nutrients that are not lost due to processing. Ragi is one such super grain that has recently made a comeback. It is a hardy crop that can grow in high altitudes and withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfectly suited for the Indian climatic conditions. Popularly known as Finger