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Creamy pistachio almond kulfi.(Easy Recipe to make kulfi at home quickly)

Creamy pistachio almond #kulfi
Every #kid always demands Cold cold Ice creams,#kulfi's during each #outdoor visit or after coming from hot day school time. All #moms must have tried all excuses to let their children away from outside food..But after cooking this #Creamy pistachio almond kulfi, moms will be relaxed as kids can relish cold kulfi, with the goodness of #healthy nuts which #taste  #yummy and have lots of health benefits.

Let us start with
INGREDIENTS 500mL milk1 bowl pistachios/ Kaju/any milk barfi3-4 saffron strandsSugar if u needFew almonds, cashews, pistachios.  MethodFirst, boil milk in a thick bottom pan.Boil it till it reduces at least 1/4 of 500mL.Add saffron strands.Add a bowl of crushed Kaju/milk barfi.Keep boiling and stirring.Add chopped dry nuts.Keep on stirring and check for sweetness. Add if required.Boil till it starts getting thick.Transfer it into a freezing container.Freeze it in the freezer for 2 hours.Take out from the freezer and blend it to get creamy…

Red Spinach /Lal saag(Cholai bhaji) Easy ,Quick Recipe

Red #Spinach /Lal Saag Sabji
Red Spinach is a very #nutritious green #vegetable. We can cherish it with #chapatis the most.Let us start withIngredients---1(500 gm) bunch of Red spinach1/2 (250gm)bunch of methi leaves1 large onion (chopped)4 -5 garlic cloves(chopped)1 Tbsp cooking oilsalt to taste1/4 tsp Haldi/turmeric powderMethod ---First of all, after cleaning and washing Red Spinach and methi leaves, chop it into small. Heat a deep pan over low flame. Add cooking oil.Add chopped garlic cloves into the oil.Saute it for 1 minute over low flame.Add chopped onion and saute it properly.When onion turns brown, add Haldi powder.Now add chopped Red Spinach and Methi leaves.Add salt to taste.Cover pan with a lid so that leaves to cook in the steam.Cook for 5 minutes and then stir properly.Cook till all water evaporates.Switch off the flame.Serve hot with chapatis.
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Carrot Dates Jowar Cake. Easy and Quick moist cake recipe with no sugar,no maida just fibers and more health

Carrot Dates Jowar Cake
#Cake with Carrots nuts and natural sugar of dates.Sounds interesting right? Yes, to feed children all nutrients is difficult but not impossible. The way to feed kids #healthy #vegetables, nuts is through some most appealing dishes. As we know #cake is all children favourite food. So, why not load cake with all #fibers,#nutrients along with #yummy taste..Now its time to show your love to kids with this #mouthwatery #dessert

Let us start with----


1 bowl Jowar flour1 bowl grated carrot1 bowl milk8 -9 seedless dates1/2 bowl jaggery2 eggs1 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp baking soda100 gm butterpinch of cinnamon powderfew walnuts2 drops of vanilla essence METHOD  First, soak dates in hot milk and keep it aside for at least half-hour.Take a mixing bowl and add butter.Add 2 eggs and whisk it properly.Then add Jowar flour, baking powder, baking soda and whisk it properly.Blend dates with half bowl milk.Add dates paste in the jowar egg mixture.Whisk it properly. …