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Besan flour balls/Besan ladoo

Besan ke soft and crunchy ladoo Besan ke ladoo Besan ke ladoo is an all-time favourite. My kids love this sweet ball as it satisfies their sweet tooth and fulfils their chotichotibhuk. .. For Mom, be san a chickpea flour or gram flour has lots of health benefits as well. Besan  contains lots of protein, fibre and carbs. promote weight loss. is diabetic friendly food. And I have added crunchy nuts to increase its nutritional level and taste. Let us start with:--- ---------------------------------------- Ingredients:--- 2 cup besan (thick) 1/2 cup suji 1 cup  ghee(add 1/2 cup if required) 1 and 1/2 cup powdered sugar (boora shakkar) 1 tsp powdered cardamoms 1/2 cup  dry fruits powder(any ) pinch turmeric for colour ------------------------------------------------ How to make:--- First, place the thick bottom pan on low flame. Add 1 cup ghee and stir it to melt it. When it starts to melt, transfer suji and besan together. Keep on stirri

Creamy Mango shake Recipe/Home made fresh Mango creamy Milkshake in just few minutes.

#Homemade creamy Mango #Milkshake Mango milkshake Summer is the season to enjoy ice cream & shakes. And Mango milkshake is an all-time hit among kids. In this recipe, I have chosen Mango as the main ingredient, with some yummy vanilla ice cream to enhance taste and texture. Let us start with  ----------------------------------------------------- INGREDIENTS:--- 1 cup chopped mango 1 & 1/2 cup milk 1 scoop vanilla ice cream 1 cup crushed ice Few chopped cashew nuts Few colour full gems 4 Tbsp sugar 2 wafer biscuits. ----------------------------------------------------- Serving:----- 2 glass shakes How to make:------- First, take a blender and add chopped mango and sugar. Blend it for 1 min. Now add milk and blend for 1/2 minute more. Add crushed ice and ice cream and blend it for 1 minute. Now check sugar, you can add more sugar according to your taste. Transfer the shake into a glass and add cashew nuts and gems on the top ... Dip one wa